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Fògher Soapstone Hotplate Fògher Soapstone Hotplate
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The Soapstone Hotplate is ideal for cooking either meat, fish or vegetables. The result is healthy and nutritious food because there’s no excess fat.Top level performance and resistance The FÒGHER Soapstone Hotplate is extremely resistant to changes in temperature as well as weathe..
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Grill perfect personal pizzas for two with the Napoleon 10-Inch Personal Size Pizza / Baking Stone Set.There's nothing like fresh, homemade pizza, even when on the go. You can fit both pizza stones onto the grill, even on a TravelQ™. The porous stone pulls moisture away from your pizza..
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Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone
Create delicious, crispy pizza with ease with the Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone.Due to the Kamado Joe even heat distribution combined with its ability to absorb extra moisture, you can expect the perfect pie every time. Made from heavy-duty ceramic, this pizza stone is made to last and is also ..
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