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The Double professional grill is perfect for cooking at high temperatures because it’s made of stainless steel and has a cooking surface with a double angular surface. Available in two versions without feet.. Because of its versatility and strength, it reduces the stresses caused by thermal ex..
Ex Tax:176.42€
6 mm thick 25 x 41 cm stainless steel plate, quick and easy to use. It makes it possible to cook a wide variety of foods while conserving the taste and the nutritional value. The excess fat evaporates during cooking so it won’t burn and spoil the food.A smooth surface and guaranteed effici..
Ex Tax:130.89€
The Soapstone Hotplate is ideal for cooking either meat, fish or vegetables. The result is healthy and nutritious food because there’s no excess fat.Top level performance and resistance The FÒGHER Soapstone Hotplate is extremely resistant to changes in temperature as well as weathe..
Ex Tax:143.90€