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Put yourself inside every scene and song with surreal multichannel surround sound and powerful bass heightened by breathtakingly realistic spatial audio.Feel more connected to all your audio content and experience Dolby Atmos* content the way you were meant to. The lateral and overhead channels..
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Bring the cinema experience home with surround sound powered by a compact smart soundbar, subwoofer, and rear satellite speakers.Beam (Gen 2) immerses you in films, shows, and games with a panoramic soundstage and the realistic spatial audio experience of Dolby Atmos* while Sub Mini balances the..
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Level up your viewing and listening experiences with immersive surround sound powered by this compact soundbar, subwoofer, and pair of rear satellite speakers.Enjoy crystal-clear dialogue, bold bass, and an immersive soundstage with this complete home cinema system. Quickly set up and connect al..
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